Thursday, June 18, 2015

50's Maestro Viscount. Mmmmm.....

Here is a Gibson produced amp made during the 50's. It's the same amp as a Gibson Explorer amp I once had.

Yeah, these are my favorite Gibson amps. I don't like their product from the 60's but these babies rival the tweed Fenders and can be had much cheaper if your stars are aligned. They aren't as well made of course but, so what? I used to gig with mine. Never gave me trouble. These have a wonderful tremolo as well and produce about 12 watts going into a single gold Jensen 10" speaker. It's a bit like an old Fender tweed Vibrolux with that 10" speaker. Makes me wonder who was spying on who?

What makes these amps cooler to me is these are cathode biased rather than grid biased. I like the compression I get out of these better though the Vibrolux ain't no joke!

This amp was 100% original. Tubes, footswitch, owners manual, cover. A beauty. It hummed terribly so now it's 90% original. The old filter stick (looks like a stick of dynamite!) dried up. Can't use an amp like that! Sorry collectors, my customer is a really fine player and gentleman from Baltimore. He needs to cut some tracks!

My customer is one lucky guy with great taste too!


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