Monday, June 1, 2015

Magnatone Custom 260

Nice easy job today. Speakers were blown. Customer had the originals which are in good shape. Also took out a mod someone did a while back that I didn't like. Caused the amp to run too hot, class A land. This amp has a beautiful pair of Marconi 6L6 tubes in it so I'd rather keep those healthy for a longer time. Didn't sacrifice any tone really, these amps sound so damned beautiful as they are.....

Output transformer was replaced a long time ago as well but what is in there is fine.

I really like copper Jensens that this amp came with. Copper is one of my favorite colors. I want this color in all of my amps! Matches my copper Esquire.

Magnatone was a class act. Listen to some earlier Bo Diddley recordings like this one:

Yup. That's a sound right there.....


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