Monday, November 9, 2015

1978 Marshall JMP 50 watt combo

Yes. That's all I need to say.

These are fantastic amps. This one was blowing the H.T. or high voltage B+ fuse. We had hoped it was one of the 6550 tubes but unfortunately the output transformer was cooked.

When the H.T. fuse pops 9 times out of ten it's just a power tube. Once in a while it's a shorted filter can but every so often it's the output transformer. That makes for an expensive repair. And the sad part is it does tend to hurt the value whether it sounds better or not.

Here's the ultra simple control panel. Gain, Master, EQ and presence. You really don't need any more with an amp that has this much sound. These are known as rock n roll amps but in the right hands can be good with any style. Someone clipped out one of the treble caps, the one on the volume knob. I owned one and clipped out both of them. I don't need that much treble and clipped out you can simply turn up your treble and presence if you need it.

This one has the original speaker intact. A pair of lovely 30 watt "Black Back" Celestion speakers:

So what output transformers do I like these days? I'm a Mercury dealer and I also deal Mojotone as well. For the price you can't beat the Mojo. I believe they are made by Heyboer and they are first class transformers. Friendly right out of the box. The Mercury product is expensive. Very expensive. I like there iron very much but there are only a few things to me that are worth that much more. When I was building amps for people I used their ultra expensive "Radio Spares" iron in a JTM 45 I built and always used their "Radio Spares" output transformers in my 18 Watters. They simply can't be beat in that capacity. I had the pleasure of playing my JTM amp next to a real "coffin logo" '62 model and mine was so close. I sold that amp for about $1300. The '62, granted is ultra rare, but cost around $20,000. So parts makers like Mercury and Heyboer helped me lose my lust for old amps! Why spend all that money if my intent is to enjoy it?

But for general repairs and price, the Mojotone iron can't be beat. I've used many of their transformers with dynamite results. In this Marshall I can say DYN-O-MITE! It's got it where it counts and was a relatively easy install!


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