Monday, November 9, 2015

Stereo Memory Man

  It's been a minute since I've written anything so I'm up late catching up.

  Just re-capped this tonight. It was making this wum-wum-wum-wum slow pulsating sound and has been slowly dying over the years. Dead filter caps. Photo after:

Nice thing about modern electrolytics is they are so much smaller than the originals. Just makes everything fit better.

These are lovely sounding units. I prefer them over the "Deluxe" version. They are built like total crap, which is part of the Electro Harmonix vibe. I've heard some that are really noisy, this one after the recap is much better now. If you open one up beware. They use this thin solid core wire that just loves to break. I only lost one and had to look at a schematic to figure out where it went. I also had to open it back up cause of a previous hack job on the delay pot. If you look at the picture you can see it,  the one in back with the blue shaft. It's really difficult to find proper pots for these with the ultra long legs, and 2 of these have been replaced. So people usually cut the old ones out and solder the new pots to the old legs. Not a problem, unless it was poorly soldered like this one! A leg joint simply broke upon re-assembly and the delay speed knob was no longer working. No biggie!

Anyway, here's a schematic.

Fun! It's been on for 3 hours now. No hum! I win!


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