Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Magnatone Varsity

Not much to say about this little amp, I believe it to be made in the 40's, probably before it was called "Varsity". These are one of my all time favorite recording and yes, performing amps. I have a later mother of red toilet seat ones. Just lovely sounding. Not super gainy tweed Champ nasty, just a good sweet overdrive.

This one arrived DOA. Belongs to my friends in 75 Dollar Bill: (click invisible link below!)

Click here^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

They love these little amps and so do I.

Probably about 4 watts max. They have the classic 3 tube setup: 5Y3 rectifier, 6V6 power tube and a nice 6SJ7 pentode for the preamp.

The problem? Just dead caps. This amp is close to 70 years old. Caps die. Tubes were all NOS, I sold them to the band a few months ago and now this little amp simply rips. Has a new Jensen alnico speaker with barely enough room in the cabinet for the tubes to fit! But it works so.... And it sounds great. Not usually a fan of those new Jensens but in a darker sounding amp like one of these, they work really well.

Go try one, maybe buy one! These are a bargain. Not a "Champ Killer" or anything like that, they have their own thing going on. Perfect bedroom amp!


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