Friday, March 13, 2015

All Test Devices Wah/volume pedal. 3/13/15

Here is a rare bird. An All Test Devices Wah Volume pedal. Yeah, it's really just a Maestro Boomerang in disguise. Nice wah, very nice indeed, but these pedals aren't my favorite. Why not? I'm just not a fan of the volume wah arrangement to begin with. And these really eat your dry signal alive. This one was purchased at a junk shop for $10 last week. The pot was broken, or at least the housing had come undone. I found the perfect replacement for it but still, these have a nice lil' flaw. When you adjust the volume for maximum sound (which also gives you the brightest top end for the wah) it has a 'bump'. In other words a pop happens. The old pot did this and so does the replacement. I needed to back it off a bit to get it to behave. Sounds like a parasite of some sort to me. I'll mess with it to find a solution but I think anything that will help may rob even more tone.

I wish this were mine cause the wah is really good. I would gut that stupid volume part and throw in a true bypass switch. Yup. That would make me happy.


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